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What's new in JACK2?

Linux Audio Conference, 2009, Parma, Italy

JACK2 is the future JACK version based on the C++ multi-processors Jackdmp version. This paper presents recent developments: the D-Bus based server control system, NetJack2 the redesigned network components for JACK and profiling tools developed during port on Solaris.

Stéphane Letz, Nedko Arnaudov, Romain Moret

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Audio, D-Bus, Networked, Real-time, Server


[Technical Report] GRAME. 2009

Timing measurements allow developers to help under- standing the behaviour of their JACK based applications. The server code base now allows to record various tim- ing while the server and clients are running and generate scripts to interpret them.

Stéphane Letz, Dominique Fober, Yann Orlarey

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Audio, Profiling, Real-time, Server, Timing