21.11.20 09h15

Programmable Audio Workshop 2020

La 3ème édition de la conférence Programmable Audio Workshop (PAW 2020) s'est tenue en ligne le 21 novembre 2020 ! Cette année, les synthétiseurs modulaires ont été au cœur des présentations et des ateliers pratiques.

  • Retrouvez l'intégralité de la journée sur youtube dès à présent.
  • Rendez-vous sur le site PAW pour découvrir le programme complet et les intervenants programmés.
  • Présentations et ateliers donnés en anglais uniquement.

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Exploring various interactive solutions for modular environments

Max Bruckert (09:30-10:25)

In this short talk we will explore various conditions of interacting, playing and composing music with software and physical modular synthesizers or programs. In a complex setup the various protocols of communication are often chains to creativity. What could be the best solutions to clarify these problematics accordingly to specific artistic needs?

Making Faust run on Hardware - Building a simple prototype Poly Synth with Faust DSP, Arduino, Teensy 4.0 and Modular

Enrica Gissel & Roland Nebe (10:30-11:25)

Arduino has always been a powerful platform to create hardware prototypes at an incredible pace. However, due to MCU speed and memory constraints, running real-time DSP code has been a challenge that required heavily optimized code. Teensy 4.0 and Faust finally deliver a platform to easily achieve great-sounding, versatile sound synthesis that allows for prototyping DSP based module ideas without the need of designing a dedicated PCB for every project. In our talk, we guide you through building a simple prototype Poly Synth with Faust DSP, Arduino, Teensy 4.0 and Modular.

Building and Using the Grame Gramophone

Romain Michon (11:30-12:25)

The Gramophoneis a versatile embedded musical instrument programmable with Faust that was designed as part of the Amstramgrame project. It provides a wide range of sensors (e.g., buttons, potentiometers, motion sensors, etc.) to interact with the generated sound. During this workshop, we will demonstrate how to build the Gramophone from scratch and how to use it.

Design Faust DSPs with a Web-based Graph Editor

Shihong Ren (14:00-14:55)

JSPatcher is a web application in development that can be used to design and edit DSP algorithms graphically with the Faust compiler, and test them directly in the web browser. The author will firstly present the motivation and the development approach of the application, then a demonstration will be made to clarify some usage details in order to design a DSP, generate its Faust code and test it within the editor. Finally, a workshop is proposed to let the participants create DSPs using the editor through various examples.

Using Faust with VCV Rack

Stéphane Letz (15:00-15:55)

VCV Rack is virtual modular synthesizer, allowing thousands of separated developed modules to be connected in patches to synthesize and process sounds. A new faust2vcvrack script has been added in the Faust ecosystem to easily generate ready-to-use monophonic and polyphonic modules, controlled by VCV and MIDI signals using the appropriate metadata. The programmable VCV Prototype module has recently been extended so that Faust DSP programs can be edited and compiled on the fly. Various examples showing the 2 approaches will be demonstrated.

Embedded Programming with the Daisy Patch

Andrew Ikenberry (16:00-16:55)

This workshop will walk through the process of creating programs for the Daisy Patch Eurorack module. We will make a Karplus-Strong physical-modeling voice, map knobs and CV inputs within our code, and flash the program to the Daisy Patch hardware for musical exploration. Firmware will be written in C++ using Electrosmith's libDaisy and DaisySP open source libraries, and flashed over USB using the Chrome web browser.

21.11.20 09h15